Tritube is a high-density polyethylene extruded profile, stabilized in order to resist aging. It is comprised of three evenly sized round section tubes, positioned at the same horizontal level, and conjoined by a unifying sector. Its internal surface possesses longitudinal ribbing, capable of reducing attrition during the cable insertion phase.
Available in (40, 50) mm diameters

  • PN6 PE80
  • PN8 PE80
  • PN10 PE100
  • PN12,5 PE80
Analysis and Standards

(Medium values)

Mechanical properties:
Yield strength
≥ 22 Mpa (ISO 527-2)

Elongation at break
> 600 % (ISO 527-2)

Tensile strength at break
≥ 28 Mpa (ISO 527-2)

Modulus in flexure
>800 Mpa (ISO 527-2)

Thermal properties:
Melt flow index
0,3 – 0,8 g/10' (UNI 1133T)

Vicat softening point
≥ 120°C (UNI 5642)

Fusion temperature
≥ 130°C (ASTM D3418)

Other properties:
mm (UNI EN 12201-2)

HDPE (ASTM E168/88A)

>0,94 g/Cm³ (ISO 1183)

Karbon black content
≥2 % (IEC 60811-605)

Technical Details